Weekly Recommendation: Nightwing: A Knight in Blüdhaven

Dick Grayson is my favorite DC Comics character. The guy has been through a lot since his time as the original Robin. Grayson has led the Teen Titans, become a secret agent, and even taken the mantle of Batman once or twice. My personal favorite identity for Grayson, however, is his superhero persona of Nightwing.Continue reading “Weekly Recommendation: Nightwing: A Knight in Blüdhaven”

Weekly Recommendation: Daredevil by Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev

Daredevil is a character with a lot of baggage. Matt Murdock suffers many tragedies, including being blinded as a child, losing his father to the mob, and constantly losing people he loves. Enduring so much pain is part of what makes Murdock relatable. Like any of us, Daredevil experiences the many hardships of life. TheContinue reading “Weekly Recommendation: Daredevil by Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev”

Weekly Recommendation: Green Arrow: Quiver

Green Arrow is a wildly underrated comic book character. Amidst DC cornerstones such as Superman and Batman, it can be difficult to compete. Oliver Queen has no superpowers and he’s largely seen as either “bow and arrow guy” or “rip-off Batman” (thank CW’s Arrow for that specific interpretation of the character). What makes Green ArrowContinue reading “Weekly Recommendation: Green Arrow: Quiver”

Weekly Recommendation: DC: the New Frontier

It’s no secret that DC has recently suffered from a poor public image. From failed cinematic ventures such as Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman and Justice League, to the overall lack of presence compared to Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe, DC is often dismissed as the inferior comic book publisher. Yet there is so much qualityContinue reading “Weekly Recommendation: DC: the New Frontier”

Weekly Recommendation: Planet Hulk

There is so much to love about the Hulk. The very idea of a giant green monster who grows stronger as his rage increases is every kid’s power fantasy. Put simply, the Hulk is the strongest one there is, which makes for smashing entertainment (pun fully intended). Even with adults, the Hulk embodies the angerContinue reading “Weekly Recommendation: Planet Hulk”

Weekly Recommendation: Green Lantern: Rebirth

Green Lantern has always held fundamental appeal for comic book fans. The idea of a ring that allows the wearer to create anything he/she imagines holds limitless potential on its own. This superpower is every kid’s dream, something that countless children imagined on the playground. Add on the different galaxies and alien races that GreenContinue reading “Weekly Recommendation: Green Lantern: Rebirth”

Weekly Recommendation: Astonishing X-Men

X-Men films generally miss the mark on what makes the X-Men such a compelling superhero team. As mutants, people who are hated and feared for being different, the X-Men each represent a sense of alienation in society. Many minority groups can relate to this idea of marginalization, from religious affiliations to sexual orientations. The X-MenContinue reading “Weekly Recommendation: Astonishing X-Men”

Weekly Recommendation: Batman: the Court of Owls

Batman appeals to practically everyone. From Adam West’s campy TV rendition to Christian Bale’s dark and gritty portrayal, there is always an audience for the caped crusader’s adventures. One of the core qualities that reaches across all versions of Batman is that of the self-made superhero. Bruce Wayne went out and learned dozens of martialContinue reading “Weekly Recommendation: Batman: the Court of Owls”

Weekly Recommendation: the Amazing Spider-Man: Coming Home

It’s no secret that Spider-Man is my favorite comic book hero. Much of this appeal comes from the relatable nature of the character. Peter Parker is just an ordinary kid who happens to attain these amazing powers, demonstrating how Spider-Man could really be anyone. As far as heroes go, Spider-Man is the perpetual underdog: he’sContinue reading “Weekly Recommendation: the Amazing Spider-Man: Coming Home”

Introduction: Why I Love Comics

For anyone reading this, welcome to the Comic Book Column! In future entries, I will be discussing several storylines and famous comic books. In this entry, however, I want to illuminate my own background in the subject matter, along with why I write about comics. Growing up, I was enamored with anything science-fiction related: TeenageContinue reading “Introduction: Why I Love Comics”