Weekly Recommendation: the Amazing Spider-Man: Coming Home

It’s no secret that Spider-Man is my favorite comic book hero. Much of this appeal comes from the relatable nature of the character. Peter Parker is just an ordinary kid who happens to attain these amazing powers, demonstrating how Spider-Man could really be anyone. As far as heroes go, Spider-Man is the perpetual underdog: he’sContinue reading “Weekly Recommendation: the Amazing Spider-Man: Coming Home”

Weekly Recommendation: All-Star Superman

For my first official weekly recommendation, it feels only fitting to talk about the original comic book hero: Superman. There are so many common misconceptions when diving in to a character like the Man of Steel. Some people say, “He’s boring”, “He’s overpowered”, and generally, “Superman is lame”. Is Superman the obvious choice when startingContinue reading “Weekly Recommendation: All-Star Superman”

Introduction: Why I Love Comics

For anyone reading this, welcome to the Comic Book Column! In future entries, I will be discussing several storylines and famous comic books. In this entry, however, I want to illuminate my own background in the subject matter, along with why I write about comics. Growing up, I was enamored with anything science-fiction related: TeenageContinue reading “Introduction: Why I Love Comics”